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Why can’t I update my bank details, phone number or email address in the Rider app?

Since 22/02/2022, you will not be able to make changes to your bank details, phone number or email address in-app.

This change has been rolled out by the Deliveroo team in order to prevent people to substitute when having bad intentions or to make fraudulent use of our app. When self-employed riders want to substitute, there is a need to ensure this person has the right to live and work in Belgium. Also it’s important that all payments from Deliveroo go directly to the bank account owned by the rider account holder.

This will mean that if you need to make changes to any of these details you will contact Rider Support.

It means that:

- You have to click here to make a bank details request

- You have to click here to make a phone/email request

Belgian account holders only.

To change bank details you’ll also need to go through a verification process (where you will need access to online banking) to show that the bank details belong to you. 

Self-employed riders:
You have the option to let someone else use your account to complete orders. You don’t have to inform Deliveroo about this, but there are some things you have to check here before you let a substitute start working. It is essential that you fulfill these responsibilities. If you don’t you may be breaking the law which would result in you no longer being able to work with Deliveroo.
If you have any questions about the checks required to ensure you’re complying with the law and your supplier agreement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Rider Support team.

It’s forbidden by the law to call on a replacement

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