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How do I call on a replacement?

Self-employed riders only

As indicated in your agreement with Deliveroo, you can call on a replacement who works with your account. You don't have to inform Deliveroo about this. However, there are some conditions attached to it. Read them carefully.

Only independent riders are allowed to use a replacement. P2P riders are not because this is not allowed by their rider agreement. However, using a replacement if you are not allowed to can have serious consequences on your insurance and your cooperation with Deliveroo.

In October 2019, the authorities specified the P2P status. One of the changes since then is that the client must know exactly how much (s)he pays to the rider and to whom (s)he pays it. In case of a replacement, the replacement uses the account of another rider. As a result, it is no longer possible to give P2P riders the right to have a replacement.

It is your responsibility to make sure that the replacement meets all the requirements to ride with Deliveroo. Make sure that the replacement…

  • is older than 18
  • has the right to reside and work in Belgium
  • is not subject to a criminal conviction
  • is not a person whose service agreement has previously been terminated by Deliveroo
  • only uses the same vehicle type as you

The responsible person is the owner of the account. This implies…

  • that the earnings arrive at the owner’s bank account number. What happens to the earnings is internal kitchen.
  • that the owner is fully responsible for the compliance, by the substitute, with all the obligations contained in your agreement (hygiene and road safety rules, conformity of equipment, etc.).

How do I let my remplacement use my account?

Option 1: The owner of the account can simply give his phone to the rider who will replace him.

Option 2: If the owner of the account wants to keep his/her phone, (s)he can change the phone number linked to his/her app and replace it with the number of the replacement. 

The replacement must then download the rider app from Playstore/App Store and log in with his own number.

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