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Can I ride under the student status?

At Deliveroo, it is not possible to deliver under the student status. You can choose between P2P status and (student-)self-employed.

There are several things to consider if you are student:

– The time spent at your orders as a P2P or self-employed is not deductible from the number of hours you can work under student status, whether you are employed or self-employed student. Moreover, at Deliveroo, the settlement is made in the amount of remuneration and not in hours.

– To avoid losing your entitlement to allowances, you must be careful not to exceed a threshold of earnings per month, including bonuses and tips. To find out the amount in question, we invite you to contact your family allowance fund, which has detailed and recent information.

– To remain dependent on your parents for tax purposes, you cannot exceed a certain amount per year. You will find all the details of this amount on the website of the SPF finance.

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