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The self-employed status

If you think you are exceeding the threshold allowed under P2P status, or if you are self-employed and want to become self-employed, you can also decide to become self-employed to drive with Deliveroo.
As a reminder, a self-employed worker is engaged in a gainful professional activity that does not bind him/her to an employer by an employment contract. The self-employed is, in a way, his own boss.
The self-employed person is also considered as self-employed for social security purposes. Unlike employees in the private or public sector, they must therefore ensure that they join an insurance fund and pay social security contributions. In addition, it will have to join a health insurance plan.
In addition to these obligations, you as a self-employed person have certain rights in terms of family benefits, sickness and invalidity insurance, maternity insurance, pension and bridging rights.

It is important to be informed about the other terms of this status because it involves costs, formalities and deadlines to be respected. If you have any questions our partner Acerta can help you for all steps of registration as a self employed!

A self-employed person has rights and obligations.

You must register for an enterprise number and activate your VAT number (you are obligated to do this if your annual turnover is above €25000,00, if this is not the case, the VAT activation with quarterly VAT declarations is

optional). You will also need to pay income taxes and be subject to the social security laws. When you do the procedures at the company counter or with our partner accountable, be sure to enquire about the following points:

The setting up costs: 

  • Registering and obtaining your enterprise number with the crossroads bank for enterprises (CBE) 
  • Obtaining a VAT number (if your expected yearly turnover is greater than €25,000) 
  • Some provinces have provincial taxes (this is usually around € 20,00 a year) 
  • On the day you wish to cancel your VAT number you will have to pay a cancellation fee


  • The yearly tax return 
  • Quarterly VAT returns (if you opt for this, or if your expected yearly turnover is
  • greater than €25,000)
  • Quarterly social contributions 
  • The annual list of taxable customers

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