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How to file your taxes?

The Belgian tax year runs from 1 January to 31 December. You will typically receive a tax return around May or June (déclaration/aangifte), relating to the previous year’s income. This must normally be returned by the end of June, although you will find the exact date on your tax return.

You can file your tax return by post to your local tax office (the address will be on the top of your tax return) or online using an eID through the Belgian government’s tax portal, Taxonweb.

If you don’t submit your return by the deadline you can face a fine. In addition to this, the tax authorities may estimate how much tax you need to pay. You can track the progress of your tax return through the government’s finance application, Minfin.

Your accountant will make the necessary preparations for this tax return (annual balance sheet with overview of your income and expenses) and will provide you with an estimation of the taxes to be paid. As accountant, there is an additional deadline to submit the annual income tax return until October of each year.

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