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I am a P2P rider and want to become a self-employed rider, is that possible?

This is a status for which it is necessary to take some steps with a company counter to request the creation of a VAT number. Don't forget, our partners Acerta and Accountable can help you in all the steps registration for self employed !

The VAT number you are about to create must meet the following conditions:

  • It must be associated with the Nacebel code linked to the delivery of meals (52,300)
  • The VAT number must be an entity of the type "natural person".
  • The VAT number must be in your name.

If you are a self-employed student (also called a student-entrepreneur), you must also have proof of registration as a self-employed student at a business office to provide us with.

Once your VAT number has been created as explained above, you can write to us with your VAT number and, if applicable, send us your student certificate.

It may take several days before your VAT number is active. We will wait until it is active before continuing your registration as a self-employed person.

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