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Do you already have your rider kit?

We ask you to send us a photo of the equipment you already own when you register. If you do not send us a photo of each item in the list below, we will send you back to Shopify so that you can buy your missing equipment. Make sure that you have all the necessary items by taking a look at the list below. It is essential that your equipment meets our safety criteria in order to ride with Deliveroo.

List of Rider Basic Kit (essential equipment):

  • Jacket: bright upper body with incorporated reflective material or separate reflective elements (e.g. armbands or reflective sleeves) to emphasize the shape and movement of the body.
  • A big insulated bag: it must be clean and hygienic with a minimum of 1 cm of insulating material and a secure closure. The internal dimensions must be at least 36cmx36cmx43cm.
  • A phone holder: it must be attached to your bike and provide an ideal viewing angle
  • A helmet: your helmet must be in good condition
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