Deliveroo Rider Forum Belgium

Application open until 26st of September 2022

The Rider Forum will provide riders with the opportunity to share their ideas and feedback directly with Deliveroo. The Forum’s twenty representatives will meet every three months to test and discuss things that affect riders in Belgium.

    To apply as a rider representative you must

    • Have been riding with Deliveroo for at least 8 weeks by 16th September 2022
    • Have delivered at least 20 orders in the 8 weeks preceding the 16th September 2022
    • Be the owner of a rider account - you cannot apply to the Forum if you rider with Deliveroo as a substitute
    • Have no history of notifications of unprofessional behaviour 
    • Be able to prove their identity in case of election to the Deliveroo Rider Forum

    Starting on the 18th of October 2022, you will find here under all the riders representatives per city

    Deliveroo Rider Forum 2021-2022

    Deliveroo Rider Forum meetings reports 2021-2022

    After each meeting of the representatives, Deliveroo will publish the reports of that meeting here:

    Deliveroo Rider Forum FAQs
    (For the full FAQs go to the support part)

    • What is the Deliveroo Rider Forum?

      The Deliveroo Rider Forum was designed to provide riders with the opportunity to share their ideas and feedback directly with Deliveroo. The Rider Forum’s 84 Deliveroo Rider representatives, will meet every 3 months to test and discuss new product features and policies that affect riders in Belgium.

      Some examples of the topics the Rider Forum may be asked to consider include rider safety, kit design, and rider benefits. The Rider Forum will not be responsible for or discuss individual rider issues such as earnings or breaches of contract.

      You can read the full Terms of the Rider Forum here.

    • How does a rider join the Rider Forum?

      84 Deliveroo Rider representatives that form the Rider Forum will be elected every year. The election process is split into 4 stages:

      • Stage 1: Riders submit an application form online
      • Stage 2: Eligible riders are shortlisted by city
      • Stage 3: Riders’ applications are shortlisted
      • Stage 4: Riders shortlisted potentially for the forum will join an online call to discuss what they expect of the forum.
      • Stage 5: Announcement of the 84 riders representatives of the Deliveroo Rider Forum 22’-23’