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What does Deliveroo’s free rider insurance cover?

As a rider riding with Deliveroo, you are insured when you hit the road. This insurance covers you or your substitute (if you have someone else riding with your rider app, he/she will be covered too). You will be insured when you are connected to the Deliveroo app and up to an hour after you have logged out.

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For riders on bike or electric bike:

  • Accidents: when you are injured following a road accident.
  • Your public liability (damage to a third party): when you hurt or damage the property of someone else following a road accident.

For riders of moped A, moped B, scooters and cars

  • Accidents: when you are injured following a road accident.
  • You must have your own public liability insurance.

Qover does not intervene in the following situations:

Trouble with your phone – clothing problems – problems with your bike, electric bike, scooter or car – when you are off duty.

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Do I need to have additional personal insurance or does Deliveroo cover everything?

It depends on your vehicle. As you can see at the top of the page, riders owning a bike or electric bike are covered by Deliveroo’s Qover Insurance for public liability and personal injury.

For mopeds A, mopeds B, scooters and cars, you must have a public liability insurance that mentions use of your vehicle for professional activities.

How do I know if I have the right personal liability insurance for Deliveroo?

When registering (or changing a vehicle as) a scooter or a car with Deliveroo, we can not guarantee that you are in possession of the correct insurance. It's up to you, when you fill out the registration form, to check it beforehand with your insurance company. You can find the information in your insurance policy or ask them if your insurance contains a clause that allows you to deliver food by scooter or by car as a professional activity. If you check the box without being sure that you have the right insurance policy, you take the risk of not being covered by your insurance in case of accident, which can cost you a lot.

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