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What are the golden rules in case of an accident?

We know that it is difficult to think of everything after an accident but it is important that you remember the 3 golden rules. They'll help you to make the right claim in case you need to.

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1. Safety first

Your safety always comes first. In an emergency, the first thing you need to do is call 112 emergency services to make sure you get all the assistance and medical treatment you need. A doctor should be consulted as soon as possible after an accident.

2. Open your eyes and collect evidence of the situation

Take pictures to help you describe the situation (identity cards, damage, numberplate…) Make sure you collect all the necessary information: Where did the accident occur? Can you explain what happened? Describe the circumstances and the damage incurred. Were there witnesses who could testify? Collect their contact details.

If a motor vehicle was involved, don’t forget to fill in a European accident report. You’ll need to send to Qover.

3. Make an accident report

Make sure to report the accident to Qover as soon as possible. They'll follow up your case file and be available if you have more questions.

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