Delivering alcohol

You might have noticed we’ve updated how you check ID for orders that contain alcohol.

This new process means that we’ll now very clearly let you know before you accept a delivery that it contains alcohol.

Once you get to the customer you’ll also be asked if they look over 25 years old. If you don’t think they do, the app will prompt you to request ID and confirm the customer’s date of birth.

How does it work?

  1. When you’re offered the order you’ll be shown whether it contains age-restricted items.
  2.    When you arrive at the customer tap Check age and the app will ask you if they look over 25.
  •       If they look over 25 you can give them the order and mark it as delivered.
  •       If they look 25 or younger, or you’re not sure how old they are, follow the next steps:
  1. Ask the customer for ID to check they are over 18.
  2. Look at the ID Card and look at the person offering the ID Card to verify that it is the same person.
  3. Confirm it is a valid and acceptable form of ID.
  4. Check the expiry date of the document to ensure it is still valid
  5. Enter the customer’s date of birth and tap Confirm age – the app will tell you whether the customer is over 18.
  •       If the customer is over 18 you can give them the order and mark it as delivered.
  •       If the customer is under 18 or the customer doesn’t have ID, you can remove the age-restricted items (e.g. alcohol) but leave the rest of the order. For the age-restricted items, please dispose of this responsibly. You don’t need to return it to the restaurant and you will still be paid the full delivery fee.

If you can’t deliver part of the order because the customer doesn’t have ID or if too young, the client can contact the Customer Support team.

This update will look like the following in the rider app:

Why this ID check and the age of 25?

It is prohibited by law to sell alcohol to people under the age of 18 (for some products age limit might be 16). To meet this requirement, as a rider with Deliveroo you can request confirmation of the age of the customer if the order contains alcohol.

This check is part of the ’25 challenge’ policy, a policy from the United Kingdom that asks people over 18, but who look younger than 25, to show a valid identity document if they want to buy alcohol. As Deliveroo’s headquarters are in London (United Kingdom), this new policy is implemented in all the markets where Deliveroo is active.